COVID-19 Response Task Force Committee

The purpose of the TCDLA COVID-19 Response Task Force is to make available to our members the latest information and resources that may be beneficial to them in addressing their concerns in representing their clients during these difficult times. TCDLA COVID-19 Response Task Force is comprised of 18 members representing all of TCDLA's 14 Districts. Each district has at least one representative member who is the designated contact for any questions or concerns any TCDLA members may have concerning the repercussions of the coronavirus and how it may impact their criminal defense practices and representing the accused. Each of the committee members along with their contact information and the district they represent are provided below. Any of our members who have questions, require information or guidance regarding the coronavirus and its impact on their representation of the accused should first access the resources and information being made available through TCDLA's website, and then contact their respective district TCDLA COVID-19 Task Force member to address any specific concerns or problems they may have. TCDLA is here for you today and everyday as we enter the uncertain and difficult times that may lay ahead, but it is through the courage and tenacity of our members that we will persevere and continue to grow as the strongest and largest state organized criminal defense bar in the nation.

Committee MembersPosition
Michael C. Gross
1524 N Alamo St San Antonio, TX 78215-1205
P: (210) 354-1919
F: (210) 354-1920
Term Ends: 06/18/2022