Health & Wellness

This Committee's purpose and mission is to help empower our members to live their best lives. We strive to accomplish this through two primary subcommittees - Health and Assistance. The newly formed Health Committee focuses on being proactive, by bringing to the forefront the need for attorneys to take care of themselves through self-care and mindfulness, while the established Assistance Committee aims to aid those who are struggling with drug or alcohol use or abuse, and/or mental health issues. The Health Committee offers education through articles, webinars, seminars, and presentations, while the Assistance Committee is available in times of need as a contact point for crisis counseling, referrals and peer assistance. The Committee works closely with the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program of the State Bar of Texas, and confidentiality is strictly upheld. Please always feel welcome to reach out if you are in need of help. Health + Assistance = Wellness. We're stronger together and deserve to be well!
Committee MembersPosition
Rick L. Wardroup
915 Texas Ave Lubbock, TX 79401-2725
P: (806) 763-9900
F: (806) 762-1699
Term Ends: 06/19/2021